Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yay beautiful clothing!

I have just purchased the most beautiful boots off of ebay! They were made by cult Belgian designer A. F. Vandevorst. They only cost me $140 since they were used, originally they were about $900 or something like that. Here they are!

I have only recently learned about this designer, but from what I have seen they make beautiful clothes! While I was looking through their shows from previous seasons it's obvious that grey is a staple that they have in all of their work. They have a sort of almost simplicity in their clothes. When I mean simplicity, I don't mean that their clothes are like Lanvin's Spring 2009 r-t-w, I mean that they usually have one focal piece in the ensemble with blocks of color surrounding it to support it. The fact that they use grey so much also helps to give them this simplistic, thrown-together look. In their Spring 2009 ready-to-wear collection they showed grey mostly through the identical tights that all of the models were wearing. Here's some of my favorite looks from that show:

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