Friday, January 9, 2009

The Great Recession

"With the loss of 2.6 million jobs—including 1.9 million in the past four months alone—last year turned out to be the worst year for employment since 1945, the Labor Department reported Friday morning"(

Unfortunately, my dad is one of those people. A few days before Christmas his boss told him that they were letting him go. Merry Christmas to you too! I think it may turn out for the better though since he always hated his job. He's going to take classes at a community college nearby to get a degree in respiratory therapy. I think he'll really enjoy it so I hope that we won't have many financial problems in the meantime.

I really hope that Obama will be able to turn this recession around. I hope that after the 1st year there will at least be steps in place to amend our problems. Yes we can lol!

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