Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cult Films-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

I would like to start doing reviews of movies that are known as 'cult films'- or movies that are obsessed over by a select group of people, people memorize the lines, analyse it over an over again, etc. I looked up lists of cult movies and I'm going to review them! Yay!

The first movie I'm going to review is Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. I loved this movie-it's pretty incredible even by today's standards. There were parts of it that were a little boring but overall it was just perfection. Davis played Jane, a washed up child star that went crazy from living her whole life in the past. Crawford played Blanche whose career as a famous actress was cut short after she became paralyzed. Jane keeps Blanche as prisoner on the 2nd floor of their house and Davis' portrayal of Jane was nothing short of extraordinary. My favorite part of the movie was actually when Davis went right up to the camera as though it were a mirror and applied her makeup like an inch away from the screen. Sounds stupid but it was really cool in my opinion. Also, I couldn't help but love all of the accessories that people wore and some of the clothes. While I was watching I kept thinking 'omg i want that' lol. I give the movie 5 stars!! Here is the trailer for the movie for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. I heard that movie is so great...and scary too! From the bits I've seen Betty Davis is just amazing!