Monday, January 12, 2009

Bleaching Your Skin For ?Beauty?

There is a trend that is rampant in Asian and African countries to buy 'skin-lightening creams'. In Senegal, women say that they have a greater chance of becoming successful if their skin were a shade lighter. Some men encourage their partners to bleach their skin and "some young men prefer women with fair skin". Women also reportedly encourage their friends and relatives to bleach their skin since "Women who lighten their skin are part of a group" and if they didn't they would be ostracized (This reminds me of Western society's obsession with fat...but that's another post).
Besides the fact that the creams are expensive ($5 for the cheapest and most dangerous; a small fortune in Senegal) they are also encouraging racism and self-hate in countries that have even bigger problems to worry about.
Not only that, they're dangerous. Women are getting signs of skin cancer, permanent scars, heavy facial hair, and many other health problems as a result of using the products. In Senegal it's fashionable for women to lighten their skin before a baby's presentation party, but studies have shown that use of the products during pregnancy can lead to an increase of diabetes for the child.

Since the majority of celebrities and television personalities that are broad casted in these areas are white people, it is understandable that this problem could arise. However, it is complete nonsense to think that any skin tone can be more beautiful than another. Alec Wek and Tyra Banks are examples of gorgeous women who have darker skin. People should accept their bodies for how they are and instead of trying to change them through unhealthy means, using their bodies to their advantage and living healthy and active lives.

Via .ABC News
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  1. That is really, really fucked up. I hope they stop marketing that self hatred in a jar ASAP.

    P.S. -I love Bikini Kill.

  2. Yeah I find it really depressing that they think that having their skin a shade lighter will make them richer\more attractive. Also, I find it really odd since my whole childhood people always told me how pale I was and how I needed to get a tan (even though it's impossible since I'm so fair-skinned). I hated my skin tone for awhile but now I love my porcelain skin!

    P.S. Bikini Kill is da shit. My favorite song is "I Like Fucking".