Monday, January 19, 2009

Hunk of the Month

I honor of his inauguration tomorrow, I thought I would give President Elect (soon to be President!!) Barack Obama the honor of being my first EVER Hunk of the Month (and yes, that does mean that there will be more to come!).
During the primary I was a supporter of Hillary's but I think it was only because back then Obama wasn't really saying anything he supported-instead he was just saying 'hope and change' "CHANGE!!!!", but I became a huge supporter of his during the general election. He's incredibly smart, a good dad (even though I don't want kids that still makes me swoon!), and is very eloquent. Now that that's said, lets get to the cutie pie goodness.

Also, I found these two pictures and laughed my ass off lol

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  1. I love that Postsecret picture. It's so hilarious. Obama is amazing.

  2. I concur. Obama is definitely amazing.

  3. Obama is one hot man! Seeing him smile makes me smile!

    And someone said once...with Obama and Michelle, that there will be some "action" back in the white house again...