Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I went to the optometrist today...

Since Thanksgiving, I've been getting really intense headaches that have been starting on the upper part of my right eye. I can't explain eye just starts hurting and then it spreads to the entire right side of my head. It hasn't happened recently, but I thought that probably meant my vision was getting screwed up or something. So this morning I spent two hours of my life waiting around for the doctor to look at me, and when he did he said I was fine and I would have to go to my normal doctor. So 2 hours gone and god know how much money down the pit, I was least my eyes are. Whatever, at least I got pics of my eyes dilated!

Also, when I left they gave me these SEXY sunglasses!

Note to self: don't wear grey!


  1. I get something similar and my neurologist suggested they were tension headaches.

    I take two advil immediately when I feel it coming on and it usually will help.

  2. thanks...that's probably what that they are....I just hadn't been to the eye doctor in years so I thought it might be my vision (thank god it's not).