Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hunk of the Month

The wonderful Fred over at Easy Fashion has added me to the links on his blog page. Thank you very much!

I'm a bit of a youtube lover and I like to watch a lot of vloggers (video bloggers). One of my favorites is BenLoka who is always hilarious in his videos. His newest one does not dissapoint- and happens to relate to a post I've done recently. PETA entered him into a contest 'Europe's Sexiest Vegetarian' and he did a video responding to that. I just wanted to add that guys who are vegetarians ARE HOT! Well, at least I think they are. Guys for some reason are supposed to love barbeque, hot dogs, burgers, etc (actually it's because during Medieval times women weren't given any meat since that was more expensive and men were given most of the meat). I think guys who are able to say 'Screw them!" to society and do something that's not 'typical' for their gender are attractive just for doing that. And it's because of this, that I'm making BenLoka the Hunk of the Month for February (although I do think he should cut his hair...). Also, he's hilarious.

btw, ignore the girl in the beginning of the video-that's not him!!

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  1. He is really funny! I've been watching a few of his videos.